Qui sommes nous ?

Dauphine-Housing is a subsidiary of Université Paris-Dauphine-PSL.

The main aim of Dauphine-Housing is to develop accommodation for Dauphine students.

Our first residence is in Saint Ouen, (40 min from our Campus) 16 rue Louis Dain.

Dauphine-Housing also wants to help students to move into our partners’ residence as easily as possible.

This is why we are trying to develop additional services

We know that it is not easy to bring everything a student needs for a semester when traveling by plane. With luggage restrictions, many airlines add extra fees for additional luggage …
Furthermore, most of the student residence housing comes with furniture only. Students have to provide their own sheets, pillows and blankets, dishes and so on.
This is the reason why Dauphine Housing has decided to provide different bedding packs to help students settle into their Parisian accommodation easily.

Other services are under study.

Please feel free to make some suggestions of your needs . To request any needs you may have contact us.