Housing application for full year student only

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Update:  Feb 29, 2024

Before filling out the housing application form and paying the 49€ fee (non-refundable), please check carefully:

  • if the Dauphine Housing Desk is your priority contactCLICK HERE 
  • our eligibility conditions:

The following profiles are not managed as a priority by the department but will be studied and processed according to availability at the time of application:

  • Students whose academic registration does not depend on Dauphine Housing Desk but on another PSL school (contact:  logement.housing@psl.eu)
  • Dauphine students aged 30 and over
  • Dauphine PHD students
  • Dauphine student enrolled in Master 227 program or any other continuing education program
  • Dauphine students looking for short-term housing (less than 6 months)
  • Non-Dauphinois students and trainees: welcome exclusively at the St Ouen residence (rue Dain) – single rate 810€.

Submission of a housing application does not result in an automatic and immediate allocation.  An offer of accommodation is conditional on the student’s profile, the location of institution and the vacancy of accommodation at the time of request.  Housing assistance fee will not be refundable for any reason. 

Contact: logement.housing@dauphine.psl.eu

More info on housing solutions:  Click HERE